Dear TOPS-20 Customer:

    As was mentioned in the cover letter,  this tape also contains new
    help files  for TOPS-20 commands and user utilities.  The new help 
    files are in the second saveset.

    The  help  files were produced from the TOPS-20 Commands Reference
    Manual and the  TOPS-20 User Utilities Guide.  All help files have
    the  extension .HLP.  If you  want to use  these  help files,  you 
    should restore them to the HLP: area on your system.
    Some  of the  new help  files  will  supersede the  old help files
    currently on your system.  If you want to save your old help files
    before  restoring the new ones, copy  them to another  area.  (For
    example, you  could create a new subdirectory PUBLIC:<HELP.OLD> to
    hold the old files.)