TELNET is a subsystem to allow users to communicate with
other systems via a network.  The simplest way to run TELNET is
to enter the host name in response to TELNET's prompt.  For
example, typing "SU-SCORE.ARPA" will connect you to Score,
Stanford University Computer Science Department's DECSYSTEM-20,
assuming your system can reach Score via some network.

     While talking to the foreign host, you may type commands to
TELNET by typing the ^^ character (CTRL/^, 036 octal) followed by
a single character command character.  The most useful command
characters are:

        C       Close the connection and return to command level
        ^^      Send a CTRL/^ character to the foreign host.
        ?       List the CTRL/^ command options

     This is just the tip of the iceberg.  For more information
read the file [SU-SCORE]DOC:TELNET.DOC.  Bugs should be reported
to Mark Crispin at Internet address MRC@SU-SCORE.ARPA.