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Internal/Partner Edition
CD Version 2.1, Release March 2003
A public-domain archive of the v2.1 (March 2003) Sun System Handbook on CD-ROM
to benefit all Sun users. This archive is provided by The SunShack in Sydney, Australia.
Check the Sun Field Engineer and System Handbook Archive Index to find other archived Sun FEH/SH editions.

The SunShack is an independent, public domain website located in Sydney, Australia and has absolutely no connection with Sun Microsystems Inc. in the USA, or with Sun Microsystems here in Australia. All information is provided here entirely free of charge with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. Please read and familiarise yourself with our full legal statement if you're unsure of your rights and responsibilities before using any of the information presented here.


This Sun[tm] System Handbook provides you with the latest hardware support information for Sun's system products.

  • Systems - Find out the specific information about a particular system, including part numbers, hardware specifications, FINs, FCOs, and so on.

  • Components - If you are looking for a particular system component not tied to any system, choose this option.

  • General Information - This section provides general information on system support topics.

  • Search - You can search through all the information on this site if you know what you want to quickly find the information you need.

  • Feedback - It is our mission to make sure the information on this site is accurate and up-to-date. Please send us any questions, suggestions, or comments.

  • FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions about this CD.


What's New

For general instructions about this CD, refer to the Sun System Handbook 2.1 CD README.

We have added the following products and information since the April 2002 release of the Sun System Handbook 2.0 CD:

  • Sun Fire[tm] V480
  • Sun Fire V100
  • Sun Fire V120
  • Netra[tm] 120
  • Sun Fire 12K
  • Sun Blade[tm] 2000
  • Sun Blade 150
  • Sun StorEdge[tm] 3310 SCSI Array
  • Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray
  • Sun StorEdge L7 Autoloader
  • Sun StorEdge L25 and L100 Tape Libraries
  • Sun StorEdge L5500 Tape Library
  • Sun StorEdge 9970/9980 Array
  • Sun StorEdge 3900/6900 Series Arrays
  • Sun LX50
  • Sun Rack 900
  • Sun Cobalt[tm] Server Appliances
  • Netra CT 410 and CT 810
  • New Monitor pages


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