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Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

24 PIN DVI FEMALE (at the Computer)
24+5 PIN DVI FEMALE (at the Computer)

24 PIN DVI FEMALE at the Computer
24+5 PIN DVI FEMALE at the Computer

Pin Name
1 TMDS Data2-
2 TMDS Data2+
3 TMDS Data2 Shield
4 No Connection
5 No Connection
6 DDC Clock
7 DDC Data
8 No Connection
9 TMDS Data1-
10 TMDS Data2+
11 TMDS Data1 Shield
12 No Connection
13 No Connection
14 +5 V Power
15 Ground (for +5 V)
16 Hot Plug Detect
17 TMDS Data0-
18 TMDSData0+
19 TMDS Data0Shield
20 No Connection
21 No Connection
22 TMDS Clock Shield
23 TMDS Clock +
24 TMDS Clock <
Pin Name
C1 Analog Red
C2 Analog Green
C3 Analog Blue
C4 Analog Horizontal Sync
C5 Analog Ground (analog R, G & B return)
Contributor: Joakim Ögren
Source: Apple Tech Info Library 24928: Apple Studio Display 15 pinout at Apple TIL homepage
Tech page at Network Technologies Inc
Info: Digital Display Working Group

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